Crane rail repair

Together with our partners, we offer you a suitable solution for every problem you may encounter at your crane system.

Crane rail repair

We calibrate your complete crane rail complex; we angle the complex horizontally and vertically and remedy deficiencies on weld seams and rails if required.

The illustrations on the right show how serious problems of worn crane rails can be solved simply, consistently and cost-effectively with our individual repair technology:

Image A: (Rotterdamer Hafen) A 100x100mm bridge rail, which is heavily worn on the side, is welded on the entire height with several welding elements on one side with a thickness of 7 mm.

Image B: Crane rail with PLC controlled machine is ground to the dimension of 100 mm.

Image C: (Riveted steel hall built in 1900) Complete renewal of an A75 crane rail on bolted substructure with more than 800 milled and drilled parts. Compensation of height differences up to 98 mm.

Adaption of the crane rail to your requirements

By assisting you your crane rail will be exactly adapted to changing requirements in your company (to shorten or to stretch).

New systems

For disassembling and new layings of complete crane rail systems please ask for our offer.