Before crane rail repair

After crane rail repair

Welcome with your specialist of repairing crane rails on the spot.

Our achievements at a glance:

  • To eliminate the ridges of the rails of cranes
  • The edge-chamfering at used up rails avoids, that the cold lap which will be formed in the course of time, damages the guide rollers on the side or the wheels.
  • To weld rails rinded out horizontally and to restore the original width of the rail
  • To grind all kinds of rail-profiles

    Image: A-100 rail before and after edge-chamfering

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Increasing significantly the average life of travel wheels and rails
  • Higher amounts of money are free for other investments
  • Repairing gives a significant better value than making new crane rails
  • No production break down
  • Evacuation of the hall not necessary
  • Increased safety for the function of guide rollers and travel wheels
  • NEW! In case of other problems or questions related to your crane rail we also would like to support you by using contacts to our partner companies.